The Start

A note from Doug Houston:

“After thirty-five years in the locker industry I finally decided to launch my own locker site.


So any of you missing the pricing, service and support of Big Dog Warehouse, Inc., please feel free to call me, as the original founder of Big Dog Warehouse. I’ve been in the locker industry for over 30 plus years. If you liked Big Dog, you’ll love”​  


Thank you!” –Doug

Starting the Company

Having spent decades in various high-level capacities within the domestic locker industry, I saw early on the opportunity the internet may provide. However, it took quite a while for our industry to start adapting to this new and ever-changing technology. In my locker journey, I worked directly with many internet companies, small to large, who use today’s technology to sell literally tons of lockers and shelving. And some of them knew surprisingly little about the products they sell.
Many old established business –  for example, brick-and-mortar locker stocking distributors – went out of business.

The internet changed everything about how lockers are sold. But a locker is still simply six-sided steel box with a door that manufacturers made complicated. It is not a safe but just a storage unit to keep honest people honest.

Lockers and shelving are parts of the material handling industry, a segment that combines manufacturing and logistics, and together represent over 20% of the U.S. economy. That’s 1/5 of our economy. Lockers have been a small but steady part of that enormous market that comprises the material handling industry. But the industry has undergone rapid and substantial changes.

But we know a couple things. We know lockers so well that we can guarantee that we’ll save you time, money and headaches because we’ll get it right the first time. Over four decades of experience, a lot has happened. We see the changes and the constants alike. We know about lockers. You have knowledgeable locker veterans at your disposal with, and we’re just a call away – 800-377-0499.

Please understand that LockersAreUs.Com cannot be everything to everybody. If we don’t have the product you are looking for, we will assist you in finding the right product. That’s our style.

All we ask from you at’ is to consider giving us the opportunity to assist you on your next locker or storage project.  We’ll make every effort to make sure your buying experience with us is professional and enjoyable. Thank you.

– Doug Houston

… and the staff at, a division of HOLDD Associates, Inc., Lawrence, PA